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Here's a few examples of some of the vehicles we can detail.

We're here to protect your vehicle's paint and make it shine

Welcome to HSL detailing. We're a mobile detailing service operating throughout Hamilton and the surrounding area, giving your car the love it deserves. Whether for work or leisure, your ride battles the elements to get from A to B. Stones, dirt, bugs and bird matter will eat away at your paint if not tended to, which is why we use quality chemicals and cleaning products to make your car sparkle, and protect it from the elements once the job is done.

Picture of clean van
Picture of clean car interior after being detailed

Cruise the road in comfort

HSL will detail your car inside and out. Whether you're commuting to work, driving the kids to footy or hitting the road to go cross-country do it in comfort. With fresh upholstery, a clean steering wheel that isn't sticky and clear windows to see beautiful New Zealand, relax in your ride and love it.

Mobile Vehicle Detailing for Your Work Fleet

HSL Detailing can valet all work vehicles from cars to diggers and trucks. You give us the time and place and we'll meet you on site or at the office to give your company vehicles a thorough cleaning.

Coming soon: Order car cleaning and detailing products online

Many car enthusiasts don't trust anybody with their ride. While we put love and pride into every vehicle we clean, we understand - that's why in the near future we will be offering quality car cleaning and detailing products you can order from our website. Gone are the days of spending big bucks at auto stores for simple items like microfibre cloths and tyre shine: HSL is here to help.

Already know what you want? Just ask.

If you have special requests or questions about the detailing process, let us know.

A tidy car and a tidy house

Did you know HSL also does home and garden services too? You can find out more over at Heavenly Services Limited, our business's property maintenance arm.


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