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Heavy Duty Vehicles


Bring your heavy duty vehicles to life with the ultimate deep clean and detail from HSL Detailing. Our Heavy Duty Deep Clean & Detail includes:

  • Full Wash and Wax Protection for your vehicle. Work and utility vehicles are always out getting dirty and battling the elements. Our heavy duty vehicle cleaning process leaves no part of your vehicle forgotten!
  • All interior surfaces deep cleaned. Shampoo and clean of fabrics, leather and plastic surfaces cleaned and protectant applied to surfaces.

When it comes to commercial vehicles, we understand no vehicle is the same: Long distances on the road, catching mud on the farm or being caked in dust and dirt at the job site. This is why we take a different approach to every type of vehicle, starting with using the right cleaning products for the job and working each surface, one at a time to remove dirt and contaminents from the exterior and interior panels of your vehicle.

We put elbow grease into getting stubborn grime off your vehicle, yet delicately and with precision to ensure longevity and the continued reliable operation of your machinery.

Finally, all surfaces have a protectant applied.

Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation e-mail with details on how to book your car detailing.

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